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Don’t Build a House, Print It!

 Although it may seem that 3D printers have just recently burst on the scene, they’ve actually been around for a couple of decades.  The thing that’s changed is that the technology is getting a lot cheaper.  For just a few hundred bucks people can turn an image on their  computer screen into a real object they can hold in their hands.  Pretty neat!

(Side note: Looking for a really cool 3D printer kit to assemble with your son or daughter for the holidays? I might have just the ticket for you.)

Besides lower cost there are all sorts of new materials out there to print with. Of course there are many types of plastics, but now they have stainless steel, gold, silver, titanium, ceramic, even rubber, wood and chocolate! 

There seems to be no end to the things people are printing these days.  Chess pieces and knick-knacks are popular with the home crowd but some really useful stuff has emerged from these amazingly flexible machines.  The space station uses one for emergency parts.In medicine they are printing teeth, noses, ears, limbs and even micro tissues and organs!

But forget about all of that, I like the really big stuff.  Some innovative contractors are now printing entire houses!   Check out the videos on www.TotalKustom.com and elsewhere.

Got any great ideas? If you do, and don’t mind someone else getting rich off it, send it to us at Mail@Rockawaytimes.com. 

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