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Wink, Wink

 Unlike my sidekicks who contribute to this column (hey you out there in idea land, you’re invited, too!) I don’t get inspired and come up with my own original ideas all that often.  But I can give a shout out to a decent idea that should be stolen, er, realized and taken to market. 

Long ago, far away, I asked a young lady if she had any ideas.   She batted her eyelashes at me.  Which gave me the wrong idea.  But she put the brakes on that.  And that’s an appropriate metaphor because brakes are part of a car and so was her idea.

Her idea was for cars to have headlights with eyelids and eyelashes.  She thought cars should be able to flirt with other cars or just wink at a pedestrian who was wondering if it was safe to cross in front.  “They’re just boring lights and even more boring when they’re not lit,” she said.  “Add some lashes and give the front of the car a whole new personality.”

Maybe Herbie The Love Bug or some cartoons had tried this but she thought the possibilities were endless.  “You could put a patch on one light during day driving to look like a pirate…You could have the lights bulge out in surprise if you were driving and saw something cool.”

The point is, the front of a car is a blank canvas.  Look at how much money is made on tire rims.

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