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Idea Potpourri

 More eclectic ideas submitted for your consideration…

A public holiday where everyone must remain in bed all day.

Contact lenses that work as sunglasses.

A bus company that charges Pi for all tickets: meaning, exact fare only.

Kidnap prominent Youtube ‘flat earthers,’ and send them into space. Broadcast their reactions live to the world.

Amazon.com should save the Amazon rainforest by purchasing it entirely.

Build Trump’s Wall, with only one automatic door on the entire border, and have it linked to Twitter. Every tweet  Donald tweets opens the door for however many seconds as there are characters in the tweet, allowing immigrants to rush in.

Replace all garden mulch with pulled pork.

Create a reverse spamming service that spams spammers.

Make everyone in New York move to Yorkshire and vice-versa.

All nations agree to stop observing leap years. A century later, everyone enjoys a “leap month.”

Recycle radioactive waste into glass dishes that will always keep your food warm.

Amazon creates a virtual reality online shopping experience, where you’re in a white room like in the matrix, then you can say “I need *item* … lots of *item*” and then aisles come racing past showing all of the items you can buy. Then you place the items in your virtual shopping cart and check out.

Make wearing turtle style shells high fashion, so we can sneak into our shells and get back on our phones without appearing rude.

In addition to life insurance, we should have “life-savior insurance,” where if someone saves your life, they receive a reward/payout.

Revive The West Wing, but with the original cast of The Office, starring Michael Scott as President Trump.


Got any great ideas? If you do, and don’t mind someone else getting rich off it, send it to us at Mail@Rockawaytimes.com.

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