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Don’t Brush This Idea Off

Ideas can come at any time, though so many seem to strike in the loo. And so was the case when I was brushing my teeth the other day. Maybe you’ve seen ads for the Dollar Shave (commentary: they’re funny). Shave Club is a subscription-based business in which you sign up to have razors mailed to you on a regular basis. I think it’s a monthly subscription, though I’m guessing they offer a Wolfman package for guys who have a 5 o’clock shadow by noon.

So as I was running my toothbrush under the running water, it occurred to me that there might be gold in a toothbrush subscription business.  Toothbrushes would be designed like razor blades so you could just slide off the worn-out brush.  Or you could have a selection of firm, soft and hard bristles.  You know, sometimes you want to beat your gums up, so you slide off the mushy, soft bristle and click in the one that’s like a small bed of nails.

There are toothbrush subscription businesses already, but I don’t think they have the pop-off cartridge device like a razor. With a supply of different bristles your toothbrush could stay as minty fresh as the toothpaste.

And with your million-dollar smile might come a couple of million bucks!

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