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Idea Stew

Some more ideas for your noodling pleasure…

In the wintertime instead of kids having lemonade stands, they should have traveling hot cocoa sleds.

Cords for headphones should have a small layer of the same magnets inserted, so they repel the rest of the cord and do not get tangled.

Require all new politicians to pass an IQ test to prove they are smarter than 70 percent of the population.

Update current patent law to allow open access to all patents, but charge a per unit licensing fee that is deposited into an account that pays the inventor and their heirs, etc., for as long as the patent generates money.

Tired of getting weird looks when you’re caught talking to yourself? Put in some headphones; people will just assume you’re on a phone call.

Put the sinks outside the bathroom so everyone can see if you wash your hands or not.

Point the Hubble Space Telescope at something reflective and take a giant selfie.

Every year, have the various security agencies in the US compete to solve the same petty crime. First agency to catch the perpetrator gets half of the other agencies’ budgets for the year.

You’re young and free. And sadly, you know that your youth is running out. You should want to be on your deathbed surrounded by friends and family and look back on your youth and smile. So, travel to the Pacific Northwest, catch a fresh salmon, and slap the mayor of Portland in the face with it.

Write a Broadway musical based on “The Producers,” a movie based on a Broadway musical based on a movie about a Broadway musical. Then sell the movie rights.

Got any great ideas? If you do, and don’t mind someone else getting rich off it, send it to us at Mail@Rockawaytimes.com



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