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Amazon Box Return

Who doesn’t love Amazon?  Virtually anything your heart desires is merely a click away from being delivered to your front door. If there’s anything better than Amazon Prime, I haven’t figured it out. For about $100 per year, you get free shipping on most purchases, and unlimited access to Amazon Prime movies and TV series.  Subscribe & Save means I never have to remember to buy toilet paper, tooth brushes, K cups or deodorant again.  Amazon remembers for me, and they appear magically on a bimonthly basis. 

For mall averse guys like me, the whole notion of shopping while sitting is like heaven on earth.  I never have to leave my couch, fight traffic, find parking, or dodge hordes of teenaged girls gum snapping their way to the next big sale at Abercrombie & Fitch.

But, as my father used to say, “there’s only one fly in the erntment!” The boxes. Endless piles of cardboard carcasses grow in my garage like crabgrass. Before Christmas, it gets so bad, it actually makes my kids’ rooms look neat by comparison.  It’s not all the fault of unrestrained consumerism either.  Amazon is an incredibly wasteful packer.  I’ll order some ballpoint pens, and they show up in a box normally reserved for a refrigerator.  What’s the answer? Amazon needs to accept box returns.  Provide a label in each package that allows the consumer to affix it to the newly empty box, and have UPS bring it back to where it came.  Amazon gets to re-use the boxes, UPS gets return business, and we all feel better about recycling. Public relations bingo!  And I get to reclaim my garage for truly important things, like the 200 rolls of paper towels I ordered from Subscribe & Save. 

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