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Idea Casserole

Here are some more ideas we cooked up for you. And most are dumb!

Maybe robots taking over the world isn’t the worst thing.

Have a building where the elevators are fixed, and pressing a floor button moves the entire building to the floor you want to go to

Add beer to nicotine, and smoke it, or drink it.

Americans can give up their vote in exchange for a free Big Mac every election.

Make a bacon-flavored tooth paste to encourage people to brush their teeth.

Commit crimes, but have a friend videotaping from a distance, so if anything goes wrong you can pretend it’s just a YouTube prank.

Open a buffet that charges people based on their weight upon entering.

Send a team of astronauts to the moon, and have them set up a studio there where they fake their own landing back on Earth.

Start a restaurant called “Tacos Tacos Tacos.” Sell only pizza.

Raise a child from birth without any toys. Convince him that household chores are fun.

Let’s pick a random address from Google Maps and everyone send a letter there today.

Everyone switch jobs at random for one day.

 Take out a huge insurance policy on your home. Disassemble and rebuild the house with gingerbread. Eat the house.

Heard any great ideas?   If you have, send them to us at Mail@Rockawaytimes.com



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