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Idea Soup

Some creative morsels for you to savor, or not!

  • Spherical tortilla chips with guacamole in the middle.
  • For Penn and Teller’s last trick before they retire, Teller should make Penn mute and then start talking.
  • Make Nigeria a tax-free haven to attract big businesses and see them struggle to be taken seriously.
  • NBA players mic’d up.
  • Since people already “identify” as different genders, why not identify as a different nationality?
  • Take a fast-talking auctioneer and a decent rap artist and have them learn each other’s skill for a month. After a month have the rapper do an auction, and the auctioneer do a rap concert. See who does better
  • They should add a comment section to the bottom of each Wikipedia article.
  • To prevent bias based on race or ethnicity in courts of law, courts should put a wall between the jury and the rest, and also have them put on headphones so voices of lawyers/defendants can be changed to further make race/ethnicity anonymous.
  • Caffeinate the water supply.
  • There should be a program to adopt older people as grandparents for your family. For holidays and Christmas for people who have lost or never had the experience of parents or grandparents.
  • Coin operated dishwashers.
  • The greatest current writers should get together and write a book the way movies are a collaborative process.

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