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Sock Pockets

I’m as happy to hear of someone else’s solution to one of life’s little annoyances as I have yet to have my own private light bulb go off in my head. So this week, I bow my head in gratitude to Domenica Loffreno, for her simple, innovative idea that could enhance the active lifestyle of most people I know. Sock pockets. 

It’s as  beautiful to the ear as it is fatal to the problem it solves. Sew a pocket onto the side of a pair of socks and you’ve got a runner’s wallet, a place for a kid’s movie money, a credit card repository. A spot for your license and money when running out to grab a quart of milk in your pajamas. 

In a prior life, I never knew what to do with my post game beer money when trying to relive glory days on the basketball court. I would literally take off my sneaker to place whatever greenbacks I possessed into the shoe for safekeeping, while I huffed and puffed my up and down the court. Many a bartender would wonder why the $20 bill I just handed to him looked and felt like wet lettuce. If you’ve ever coached a kids’ team, you know that you end up being the banker for every player’s lunch funds. So, thanks Domenica!  Now what should we do with all the cell phones while the game is being played?

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