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Contest: A Miss and A Hit!

Wow. Another Rockaway Times Photo Contest has drawn to a close last Sunday, July 2 at Caracas.

It was so cool that this year’s contest winner, Jennifer Keim, took her winning shot with a smart phone! How far we’ve come. Big Congrats, Jennifer!

As the final contest round got underway on Sunday morning, I was alerted to the fact that I failed to include one of the finalist’s photos. I was in total shock!

Yes, I messed up big time! Jessica Shulman’s shot of lightning striking the Gil Hodges Bridge was indeed missing. I had taken down and included a similar shot of the bridge, minus the lightning of course. Jessica was devastated, as was I for her.

Jessica had come and participated at every level and she came all the way from Brooklyn to participate. Jessica, my most sincere apologies!

Thanks so much for understanding and being a great sport!

Of course after being thrown a curveball, I failed to thank everyone who made the contest happen.

So thank you to the judges: Debbie Valentino, Ozzie Edwards, Kathy Boyle, Reva Yacavone, Florence Ferguson, Michaela Cintron-Andrews, Dan Brown, Big Sal Cori, Alex Zablocki, Maribel Arroyo, Liam Kavanagh, Elana Eranberg and Shane Kulman.

A huge thanks to NYC Rockaway Parks administrator, Portia Dyrenforth. (And the Parks crew who installed the photos on the boardwalk).  Deputy Parks Commissioner Liam Kavanagh, Rockaway Artists Alliance (Dan Brown), the Jamaica Bay –  Rockaway Parks Conservancy (Alex Zablocki), NYCFerry ( Elana Eranberg), and of course a huge thanks to The Rockaway Times, Kevin Boyle and all his staff, for making this crazy idea become a reality.

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