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The Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Contest on Saturday, September 9, was a YUGE success. One of the most gorgeous days of the year, spectacular surf in the five to seven foot range, thanks to Hurricane Irma, and the stoke level of the contestants and spectators was through the roof. There were a total of 72 contestants and it was no easy feat in the rough ocean.

They came in all sizes, and what’s great about this contest is that they’re all competing against the ocean as equals, no divisions. The event went super smooth, banging out the heats one after another and the organization of the heat lineups was done meticulously by the owners of the event, Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Underground, run by Jeremy Jones, Michael Poindexter, John Wagner and Claire Hilger. Honorable mentions go to Charlie for making a very impressive heat board, and the volunteers Kristi Dickerson & Lois Pyanowski who helped tabulate and check out the guys.

1st Place – Ryan Kent

2nd Place – Paul Scmidt

3rd Place – Sandon Karinsky

4th Place – Thomas Oswald

5th Place – Raj Shiwah

6th Place – Vava Ribieru

And, of course, my honorable mention goes to my 12-year-old Parker Karinsky, who was dwarfed by the “men” and managed to make it to the semi-finals.

Big thanks to Rippers for sponsoring the after party and also to Ryan McNeil who created a special beer for the after party that was free to all who were involved. A super epic day!

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