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3D Printed Boards?

Yep! One crafty little guy named Zach Ostroff did it with the help of some scientists, engineers and designers. The goal was to create the world’s first truly sustainable surfboard construction, with the first 3D printed, compostable and recyclable board – built using algae and eco-friendly bio-resins.

Called the “Dolphin Board of Awesome,” the board is made up of printed parts in algae filament that are then pieced together with bio-resins. Zach told MagicSeaweed, “The material we used for the green sections of the board are derived from algae in lakes in the middle of the United States of America where it’s invasive and it’s sucking oxygen out of the lakes and killing life. There’s a company we work with that has figured out a way to collect that algae and turn it into a 3D printing ink.

“Then the other section is derived from plastic water bottles. Nate Petre, who’s the 3D printing genius behind making this whole board, has a lab partner where he works in London and figured out a way to make the 3D printing ink out of those recycled plastic bottles.”

It’s a head in the right direction, but not really sure how this surfboard is compostable when parts of it are made out of plastic bottles.

More Innovation?

You might remember the designer named Thomas Meyerhoffer who designed these sort of tear-drop-shaped longboards. A gimmick? Maybe. If you play around with any of the surfboard CAD programs like AKU Shaper, you’ll know it’s pretty easy to mess around with the curves to pump out a design like that board, but innovative? I’m not sold on that point. It works, sure, but I mean so does the “Penis Board” ridden by the Aussie larrikan Paul Fisher.

Anyway, surfboard makers have always been challenged to find a way to split a board in two, to make travelling easier and not pay the exorbitant fees that airlines charge. So Meyerhoffer has done a design where he splits the board in two just above the fins. Called the 2PRT, having it split this way also makes it modular. You can combine various nose and tail styles to create the different board setups by mixing nose and tail options to take it from a thruster to a fish to a pintail or a swallow tail quad.

Previous board designs that were to split in two usually used tube inserts and either bolts or clamps to keep everything from falling apart. However the 2PRT uses a simple system where a key loosens a latch that pops up to separate the two ends. Only takes 30 seconds to assemble or disassemble.

You’d want to be a well-travelled surfer to get your ROI back on airline fees with this board. Meyerhoffer will offer preorders of the 2PRT this December. It will be available through his site and a custom board with one nose and two tails will cost around $1,600, depending on options.

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