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Snowflake League Week 3 Recap

This umpiring crisis has taken itself to a whole new level. So short and sweet: if anyone has any umpiring ability, please friend request ‘Snowflake League’ on Facebook. Once added as a friend, please upload your resume onto the page. This should be fun. And remember, if you make a bad call, it was probably the right call. And if you made the right call, it was probably God awful. There is really no in between. Not with this cast of gentlemen. But if you are free Monday-Thursday nights, and are looking for pocket change, contact the Commissioner’s Office via Facebook. Ya’ never know. Maybe we can find a diamond in the rough. In the famous words of that little kid in Disney’s Angels in the Outfield, “It could happen!”

Monday night’s action had Marine Park taking on Rock Fam. The game started with Rock Fam taking a 2-0 lead but that’s all they’d get. Marine Park put together nine unanswered runs to eventually win the game by a touchdown. In the second game, Rock Fam held a 6-2 lead midway through the game but that lead wasn’t held either. Marine Park answered with seven runs to win game two by a field goal. A sweep by Marine Park with scores of 9-2 and 9-6. This whole league is in good hands with Allstate when it comes to any sort of insurance, but Ruffle Bar was in really good hands Tuesday night. Ruffle Bar came out swinging and threw down a 14 run mercy shutout on Allstate in game one. The second game was a little closer but ended with the same result. Ruffle Bar took both with the scores 14-0 and 8-3.

Wednesday night action was between the Sons of Pitches and the Black Sox. Both games were close and low scoring. Black Sox won the first by four runs by the score of 6-2 and the S.O.P. won the second game by two to earn the split. The score of game two was 7-5. Black Sox take the head-to-head series due to run differential. Thursday night was billed as a rivalry game and that billing certainly did not disappoint. The amount of trash talk that went on in that game would make Andrew Dice Clay look like a priest. Game one saw the Alchoballics jump out to a 5-1 lead in the second inning. Game ended though with a 5-0 run by the Cereal Killers and a walk-off Sac fly. Game two was a lot more offense. Cereal Killers hit three different kinds of homeruns to take the game and the sweep. The sweep scores were 6-5 & 12-7.

Standings: (head to head, run differential, winning %)

Marine Park 6-0

Ruffle Bar 6-0

Cereal Killers 4-2

Black Sox 2-4

Sons of Pitches 2-4

Rock Fam 1-3

Alchoballics 1-5

Allstate 0-4

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