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Rally For The WEED-way

Out of sight out of mind!

That seems to be what NYC Parks is counting on from the people of Rockaway when it concerns about the desolate and barren stretch of Shore Front Parkway.

From Beach 86th Street to Beach 108th Street, what stands today is just overgrown weeds instead of parks and playgrounds. We’ve grown so accustomed to seeing weeds instead of parks and playgrounds along Shore Front Parkway that I may make a motion at the next CB 14 meeting to change the name to “Shore Front WEEDway” instead of “PARKway.”

Those who may have arrived on our 11-mile slice of heaven for the first time in the past four-and-a-half years, may not know that the mile long stretch of weeds on the south side of Shore Front Parkway was once essentially the peninsula’s Central Park! It was complete with 28 handball courts, raised botanical flower beds, basketball courts, shuffle board courts, paddle tennis courts, picnic tables, pathways, lighting, water fountains and green spaces. Basically a park!

There is an awesome conceptual plan for this entire stretch of wasteland with more than a dozen amenities beautifully thought out, but to date, there are only a few designs in place. These designs are for Sandpiper playground at Beach 107th, the skate park at Beach 91st, a handball court at Beach 103rd and a performance stage at Beach 94th.

All of these projects were supposed to begin construction within the next several months. Sadly, these have all been delayed, yet AGAIN, for many months to a year!  This egregious display of disrespect for the people of the neighborhoods of Rockaway Beach and Rockaway Park by NYC Parks Commissioner Silver and Queens Parks Commissioner Lewandowski goes on year in, year out.

When is enough, ENOUGH!?

I say TODAY!!!

So on Saturday, October 21 from 9 a.m. to noon, a group of civically-minded people will gather with a message, on a large banner, for our “compassion-challenged commissioners.”

Please join us! Stop by for a minute or two and sign the banner. Maybe take a photo and Twitter and Instagram it out!  Our goal is to present it to the City of NY on the steps of City Hall in the near future.

Please join us on Saturday morning at Beach 107th and Shore Front WEEDway,

Thanks!  Bring a pen!

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