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Bonkers For Wave Pools

The literal flood gates have been opened and the world has gone bat-shit-crazy for wave pools after the huge success of Kelly Slater’s Wave Co. and the Wavegarden technology, first released as a concept in Spain, but now commercially viable installations in Wales, UK and also in Texas called N-Land.

What’s happening now is insane. While all three of the above mentioned wave pools use technology of basically pushing, or dragging, a monumental ballast in a linear motion to upheave the water to create a wall of water, it’s then up to the bathymetry (underlying surface contours) to “shape” the wave into a barrel or big open face for carving. The insane part is that they have broken ground in Australia for a wave pool that uses circular technology, like a pebble dropped in a pond, with radiating waves going out in all directions.

In an interview with Surfers Village, CEO and founder Aaron Trevis comments, “We are employing a concentric wave generator, creating large swells from a central source. The mechanism is large but quite efficient and it allows us to create eight breaks at the same time (four rights and four lefts).”

One of the people signed up to endorse and help design the SurfLakes is non other than Mark “Occy” Occhilupo. Trevis says, “We have worked with Occy to shape the ideal wave and his input has been important to get a wave that should be challenging but accessible for intermediate to experienced surfers. Our team was being conservative with reef placement at first, as it has been seen before that full-scale wave pool models did not retain the wave shape and power when scaling up. Ours seemed to have the opposite problem in that the CFD model of Occy’s Peak looked more like Occy’s Slab at first, so we tuned it back to a reasonable shape. Great problem to have.”

And it looks like Paris, France wants in on a wave pool too!

Former Rip Curl General Manager of Operations Baptiste Caulonque has started a huge project to transform a space near Paris to become the next European surfing hub. Similar technology of the Wavegarden dragging a ballast, but they’re using their new Cove technology, which creates an intense barrel.

Looking to be constructed in Sevran, which is minutes away from Paris and close to the Charles-De-Gaulle airport, they figure they’ll have a huge audience for patrons. Caulonque says “Surfing, Terre D’Eaux Surf Park will offer skateboarding and wakeboarding possibilities. We are building a board-sports park with selected retail activities (incl. food and beverage) that can meet all needs: training, having fun, going to the beach, hanging around and hosting events including music.”

With the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France, the big hope here is that they will use the Terre D’Eaux Surf Park to host Olympic surfing.

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