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Today’s view is a portion of a Jamaica Bay map featuring Broad Channel drawn in what I think was about 1895 (+/-) a few years. Records say it was drawn in 1901 as a transportation map. My opinion is due to the fact that Beach Channel Station (lower right) on the bay LIRR trestle was opened in 1888, and the proposed Jamaica Bay Trolley landfill was started in 1898, then completed in 1901.The fill is not shown on this map. The Bay Trolley was never realized, and the fill became the base for the Jamaica Bay Road in later years. I have added a due or true north marker as well as numbered places such as follows:

  1. Barne’s Creek which went under the Broad Channel Station to the west and almost reached Shad Creek.
  2. Shad Creek Flats.
  3. The Raunt Station.
  4. Bacon Creek.
  5. Broad Channel RR Swing Bridge.
  6. Raunt Channel.
  7. Big Egg Marsh.
  8. Trolley Fill Area.

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