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So it’s been announced that the beaches will be closed on a half-mile stretch of Rockaway Beach. SHOCKER!

We have been warning everyone with power to do something about our beach erosion in Rockaway Beach for decades now.  It does not surprise me in the least, that the can of proper resiliency measures has been kicked down the road all these years.

These current beach closures are not that much different than last year. The difference this year is, the beaches are “officially closed.” Unless you lived in the Beach 90s last summer, you may not have known that Beach 91st to Beach 93rd Streets were closed to swimming and had no lifeguards, 90 percent of the beach season.

What’s the difference this year? It’s obvious! It’s a much bigger stretch of beach, now Beach 91st Street to Beach 102nd Street. 

So where do we go from here? Or should I say: Where does the erosion go? Only Mother Nature knows. Is it closing from Beach 91st to Beach 108th  by August? Is it closing Beach 126th Street to Beach 142nd Street next summer? It’s tough to say, but it’s coming folks.

More closures are coming.  Where…is the million-dollar question.

Keep in mind there are NO plans for interim sand measures prior to the late 2019 planned construction of groins and reinforced dunes. Yes, you read that right, NO SAND, ZERO-ZIP-NADA! The reality is, unless something is done starting today, we’re screwed. BIG TIME!

So what’s next when there is no beach sand for the Atlantic to eat? What’s next when there are no sand dunes for the Atlantic to eat? We know what’s next, it’s our homes and our infrastructure. 

Who is at fault? It’s tough to say and it really does not matter!  It leaves one question: what can we do and where do we turn?

In my opinion it’s the Federal and State Government!

On the federal level we need Senator Schumer to demand that the Army Corps start the Rockaway Reformulation project TODAY!  On a state level, we need to demand Governor Cuomo declare our peninsula’s coast lines an Emergency Disaster Area. This way we can expedite environmental reviews for all the construction which the Army Corps are planning.

Please join a large scale protest for action on Sunday.  Come to Beach 97th Street, on the sand (or what’s left of it) at 10 a.m.

Any questions: feel free to call 516-509-8957.

Senator Schumer: it’s time for ACTION! (Call his office: 212-486-4430).

 Governor Cuomo: act now!   (Call his office: 518-474-8390).

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