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Honoring Grief

Each day brings a forth a new thought, subject, theme in our lives. Waking up can be blissful, and at other times rather difficult, depending on your current situation. Yesterday, I wanted to write all about gratitude and how it promotes a feeling of joy and happiness.  Waking up every day to simply say, thank you. It’s a nice way to start the day.

But then I opened my book of poems on this day to “Honoring Grief” by Pixie Lighthorse. I have never been able to read this in class because it is much too powerful for those people grieving for the loss of their loved ones. Teaching yoga can be fragile and sensitive, however, on the mat is where you can feel safe and comfortable. In stillness and silence, everything comes up, but being there becomes a sanctuary. As yoga teachers, we hold space for our students, perhaps never fully understanding what they are going through unless they share their stories.

On this one particular Sunday, I am aware of one of my student’s losing her beautiful mother, who lived a wonderful, long life, full of love and happiness. She is very sad and I too feel her pain and anguish of loss of her first love. I can only offer my hugs, words of compassion and a balanced class.

On this day, I choose to go very slow and deliberate. There are many different levels, but we are here today for the healing of one’s soul. Loss can be paralyzing and so frightening. In the past week, there has been much loss and I am aware and feel sad. Many people come to their mats to find peace and solace for themselves. Others come for the physical aspect and yet others come for the spiritual part. There is something for everyone, but I believe the most important part is that we are all there for one another. So many stories have come through our doors at Ocean Bliss Yoga and we are simply there to support and honor each person’s path through compassion and support. Listening and being present to the person in front of you is important. You will miss the opportunity to hold space for that person if you don’t take the time to be aware.

The following is what I read at the end of my classes this week as we transitioned into autumn. “Honoring Rites of Passage” by Pixie Lighthorse:

“We are spilling over with gratitude today for divine support and presence in our lives. We need your energy to move through our transitions. We need creativity and motivation to find the healers who can help us honor ourselves when we change. Help us to cherish the inevitable changes we face. Guide us in ceremony and celebration when our time comes. Teach us to honor the young ones when their bodies and minds shift and mature. Show us how to midwife the elders and the sick across the bridge and into the next dimension. Hold us close to you when we must leave old ways behind to embrace what is next for us. Remind us that change is not to be feared, but cradled in recognition. Surround us in your warmth and light and usher us into our new stages as precious children of the Earth, who never stop growing and do so because you inspire us to rise.”

Grief is a process. Allowing, sitting with it, letting go, holding space—all part of the process.

May you be Happy, May you be Healthy, May you be Free of Suffering and May you live with Ease.

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