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Keeping It Social

Remember the good old days when people kept their age, weight and political beliefs to themselves? I do, and I wish we could go back to that.

I often write about social media because it is such a major part of our lives. I first joined Facebook over ten years ago to monitor my daughter’s social media activity. I am an avid Law and Order: SVU and Dateline fan and was worried about online predators. Little did I know that I would begin to enjoy this medium of socializing.

I truly enjoy seeing pictures of former students and their successes. I hate to admit, but some of my former students are even married with their own children. It is so nice when I comment on their pictures and they reply back with either a comment or a personal message.

Another thing I enjoy is seeing pictures of my parents that the wonderful Betsy Lograno has found and added. The earliest picture I had previously seen of my father was his picture when he was drafted into the Vietnam War.

Another thing that is great is keeping up with relatives that live across the country. I have never even met some of my cousin’s children and it is nice to see their accomplishments in sports and school. However, some of those relatives have been un-friended because of their polar opposite beliefs than mine and their rudeness and inappropriateness. We are a family with many police officers and one relative was just anti-law enforcement. So, I will not be following him anymore.

Which is the point of today’s article: you are not going to change my mind with your political posts and I know I am not going to change your mind. I have posted a few political opinions and I am going to stop the posts and keep it social. I am a conservative person who believes what she believes:

  1. I believe that people should follow the law. So I am against illegal immigration. My relatives went to the Irish Embassy and filled out all of the proper documentation and came here legally. My friend’s father came here on a boat and did not have the proper documents and was sent back to his country. He then started the process over and came here and became a successful businessman.
  2. I believe that people should have to work for things. People who receive free everything do not appreciate it. I come from a family where my grandmother refused to accept any government handouts. All of her children appreciated everything in their lives and all had a strong work ethic. Many years ago, I asked a student how the SAT was because I knew he was scheduled to take it the previous Saturday for free because I helped him sign up using his voucher. He told me, “Oh I didn’t take it, something came up.” I will bet everything I have that if he had paid for that exam he would have made it to the exam.

I could go on and on but you get the point. So let’s keep to the old mantra: Keep your age, weight and political views to yourself.


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