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Post Report

Well the Mueller Report is finally in and, much to the chagrin of our progressive liberal left, the mainstream media, academia, and Hollywood, the White House remains standing while ABC’s “Fuller House” has folded like a deck of cards with the college scandal indictment of Aunt Becky played by Lori Loughlin. Truth be told, the only 2020 Democratic Presidential bid that has crashed and burned because of the Mueller investigation is that of porn star  Stormy Daniels’ attorney and CNN fixture, Michael Avenatti, who has been indicted on federal charges of extortion, bank and wire fraud.

Understandably, those liberals with a modicum of common sense are now saddened to realize that there is no longer any point in continuing to accuse President Trump of participating in a cover-up of Russian collusion by his administration. Participation in a bad comb-over maybe, but I think the whole Russian thing is now off the table. I guess now the progressive Democrats will have to revert to talking about those things that really matter to the American people—circumcision, farting cows, gender fluidity, doing away with the electoral college, stacking the Supreme Court, eradication of fossil fuels and, of course, money for nothing and chicks for free! Oh, wait a minute, although “money for nothing” remains part of the liberals New Green Deal, that last one, “…chicks for free” was actually policy proposal from Dire Straits back in the 1980s…my bad!

Former CIA Head, John Brennan, only a few weeks ago, told the world that President Trump’s collusion with Russia was based on evidence indicating a level of malfeasance and corruption which bordered on treasonous. I mean, c’mon, a former Director of the CIA? We’re talking some real gravitas here! Today, he is now trying to explain his egregious allegations as a result of a “whoopsie” moment, saying that he may have received some “bad information.” I think the only “gravitas” Mr. Brennan possesses are those “B” movies put on Netflix almost every other day. Perhaps NBC News, which hired Mr. Brennan as a “senior national security and intelligence analyst,” should rethink their hire of a former CIA Director who is incapable of separating fact from fiction.

What strikes me as very sad and troubling, is the number of our fellow citizens who are actually disappointed to find out that an American President has been cleared of “treasonous” collusion with another country in order to sway a presidential election. These are individuals who are still aghast over the fact that the hoi polloi of our country, you know those deplorable, smelly Walmart citizens, who went to the polls and chose Donald Trump instead of Baroness Von Pants Suit Hillary to be our nation’s 45th president.

Sadly, the Mueller findings notwithstanding, it is obvious that these same individuals are intent on continuing to spew spurious anti-Trump rhetoric at every opportunity in an effort to bring down this administration in the hope that, truth be damned, perception in the minds of the uniformed will ultimately become realty. 

I think that at this point it is high time for all of us to stop cowering silently in the corner, fearful of the speech police, and call out and condemn those activists, politicians, academics, journalists and celebrities who continue their efforts to bring down this presidency with innuendo.

Broad Channel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

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