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Rockaway Solutions Not Shelters

Rockaway Solutions Not Shelters is a group of concerned citizens who fiercely oppose the development of an all-male homeless shelter on Beach 101st Street, as  it is planned.

This fundraiser will be an ongoing effort until the City of New York can come up with a more comprehensive and compassionate plan to help 116 homeless men, who are victims of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s shell game scam called the homeless shelter system. A scam of a system that lets human beings sleep overnight on a cot, in a warehouse for more than $120 per night, then forcing them back out onto the street during the day. All this while keeping these men homeless!

It is an absolute travesty that developers profit millions on the backs of homeless men. Men who should easily be given a voucher for the low cost of a room in an ultra-affordable building.

One of the main solutions that our group, “Rockaway Solutions Not Shelters,” is promoting, is the building and construction of ultra-affordable residences throughout the five boroughs of NYC.

Sadly, true affordable housing stock has dwindled significantly throughout the five boroughs since the 1980s. The question I ask the Mayor is, why is he not promoting more ultra-affordable housing to be built in NYC and why is he not offering great tax incentives to foster such an easy fix to house the single homeless person?

Ultra-affordable housing units will alleviate the amount of people in the forever ballooning homeless population with dignity for the homeless victim. Real ultra-affordable homes will give the homeless individual a place to call their own and at very low cost. The balance of funding can then go towards jobs or rehabilitation programs for these homeless men, not directly into the pockets of slick developers, who prey and profit on the sad misfortune of others.

The Dept. of Homeless Services (DHS) has a policy of keeping homeless families, homeless mothers with children and single homeless women separate from single men who are homeless. That is why, we as Rockaway Solutions Not Shelters, has adopted the same policy! We have the exact same concerns for the families of Beach 101st Street, as DHS has for homeless families throughout the City.

That is why we are opposed to the placement of 116 homeless men next to the homes of families throughout the peninsula and the rest of the City. Our goal for this round of fundraising is quite clear: to prevent the Shelter on Beach 101st Street from opening as it is proposed.

For the first round of fundraising, we will be holding 50/50’s throughout the peninsula and a Radio Bingo (date to be determined) as part of our immediate plans in the coming months. We are also asking for donations to be sent to “Rockaway Solutions Not Shelters.” Checks can be mailed to 142 Beach 92nd Street. We will soon have a P.O. box.

All funds will go towards paying for Legal and Architecture Services as we work towards solutions for the men destined for 226 Beach 101st.

There’s more to come, but please help us help the families of Rockaway maintain an environment around their homes and neighborhoods that fosters a less crowded, peaceful and safer way of life.

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