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Thumbs Up for Sandpiper

Thumbs Up for Sandpiper

Dear Editor:

I love the new park on Beach 107th Street. I only wished it opened in the beginning of the summer as predicted. I never felt safe taking my son to the park at Waterside, but I did it because there weren’t better options. My little boy has thoroughly enjoyed the new park and I myself love the layout, the open venue, the colors and the location.

Melissa Echevarría


Jetty Benefits

Dear Editor:

In the August 15 issue, you told your readers about the five drownings in the Rockaways. It had a lot to do with rip currents. Now, Long Beach has that also, but it starts out past the jetties. And you talk about our sand being washed away. Both of those problems could be fixed if the Army Corps of Engineers put jetties in place, instead of putting new sand on the beach.

Jetties would help stop erosion and it would help with the rip currents. It would cut it down a lot. There would be a lot less drownings that you can write about.

Alan Marrell


Seeking Closure

Dear Editor:

On August 14, Governor Cuomo signed a bill called The New York Child Victims Act. What is The New York Child Victims Act?  It provides a one-year window for filing old civil claims for sexual abuse in New York with no age or time limit.

 Why am I writing about the New York Child Victim Act? I am a victim, and I’m taking action to seek final closure. During the spring and summer of 1972 at the age of nine years old, I was sexually assaulted multiple times by a priest at St. Rose of Lima Church in Rockaway Beach. I spoke out about this sexual abuse over 40 years ago and in 2004 was scheduled to testify against the man who victimized me before he pled guilty to victimizing others in the 1970s.

As hard as it is to do, I encourage any and all other victims to find closure, to come forward and seek justice with me. I encourage any and all victims on the peninsula to come forward and seek the closure that I am seeking. The closure that we deserve.

These horrible acts towards children were and are not limited to Catholic institutions on the peninsula. Sexual predators do not care about race, color or creed. They do not care about what sport is being played. They do not care weather a school is public or private. They do not care if you were a Sea Scout, Boy Scout or Girl Scout.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of a sexual predator, please encourage them to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Or, if anyone would like to contact me directly to talk, please totally feel free (516-509-8957).

John Cori


Gillibrand Paid a Visit

Dear Editor:

Senator Gillibrand, shortly after becoming our Senator, danced on the Beach Channel High School stage with the M.C. of the DooWop Concert, during the concert.

Senator Schumer, while campaigning to become Senator, was seen “glad handing” in Waldbaums (off Beach 116 Street), in 1986. I discussed pending legislation. I was against with him. (Weiner was with him!)

Richard Berger


Dreaming of LI

Dear Editor:

Since moving to Rockaway some 20+ years ago and working in Queens, I’ve noticed the resistance to acknowledge that Queens is on Long Island. Several times on the bus from work, I would be asked why I was on the bus. “Don’t you live on Long Island?” My reply was always, ” I do live on Long Island. I’m from Rockaway.” The Queens residents all looked puzzled. A co-worker gently chided me that I wasn’t “from” Rockaway, I live in Rockaway. When I asked where he was from and he replied Brooklyn, I was happy to quip back that he was also “from” Long Island. For the record, in the 55+ crowd (then 35+), I’ve only known one person from [born in] Rockaway.

The subject of Long Island has been stoop banter with friends and neighbors occasionally over the years.

However it starts, part of the argument against my declaration is repeatedly taxes. Queens pays New York City taxes they say. I said taxes are relevant to county and state, not geographical location. I tried giving different examples to support this like, if the state of New York sold Suffolk County to Connecticut on Tuesday, on Wednesday it would still be on Long Island. It didn’t work.

Recently a conversation was still going on over my shoulder as I walked away for the night. I entered my house shaking my head and laughing that I’d been having the Long Island conversation again.

And then it struck me. AHA!!!!

I grabbed my map of Long Island (a large, detailed paper version for those 55 and under) and returned to the scene of the debate, sure that this physical proof was going to settle it once and for all. It didn’t work.

It did spark a conversation that Nassau County in its bankruptcy had sold Queens to NYC. Besides being untrue (Queens county is one of the original counties in NY and then split into Nassau) this would still not change that it’s on L.I.

So we were back to taxes and interestingly enough, the retort of ask The Rockaway Times came up twice. People quoted from phones what was not in dispute, which was that Rockaway is on the peninsula of Queens in New York City. I simply added that it was on the Island of Long, just to mix it up a little.

Not that I believe that this will change minds in any way, I request based on last night’s requests that you settle this. Think of it as an opportunity for the RT to go down in the annals of Journalism (or perhaps a slightly different spelling to those who still refuse to believe) not unlike the famous editorial in 1897: “Yes, Rockaway, you are on Long Island.”

Lisa Zoller

Not Forgotten,


Dear Editor:

On August 28, 2017, I was 77, on August 28 of 2018 was 78, on August 28 of 2019, I was 79. I know this to be true because it’s in The Rockaway Times. It looks like on August 28 of every year, I have a birthday. This community service posting has not generated one single birthday card, not to mention a $1 lotto ticket, nothing, zilch.

 Therefore, I know space is at a premium at the Rockaway Times and after great consideration I would like to make the date of August 28 available to someone that does not care about birthday cards or lotto tickets. My wife and I love The Rockaway Times and look forward to Thursdays here in Rockaway and the online issue when down in Naples. Thanks. “God Bless America and The  Rockaway Times!” 

Dennis Cummins


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