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4th Annual RBBU Bodysurfing Championship

What a cracker of a weekend!

Knowing that Saturday was going to bring epic conditions for the contest, the NYC Parks Dept. do what they do best, get involved and messed everything up by announcing they were closing the beaches due to a knee jerk reaction by a politician in his ivory tower in Manhattan who knows nothing about the ocean, waves or currents. Needless to say, the NYC Parks Dept. was helpless in stopping surfers and bodysurfers entering the waters both Friday and Saturday, with Saturday simply being the best surf the entire year.

There was an entourage of famous bodysurfers from California who came out for the contest, heavy hitters like Tim Burnham and Shane Macintyre from The Wedge in Newport Beach with their collective eyes on the prize of winning the event. The display of their skills on Saturday in those epic conditions, 10 – 12’waves, was eyepopping, showing moves most of us have never seen in person.

The contest had to be moved to Sunday, leaving all of us fearful that it was going to be flat for the contest. Thankfully King Neptune kept the buzz going with lined up waves all day long for the 72 contestants to strut their stuff, and boy there was some major strutting going. Shane Macintyre catching waves multiple times to the sand, spinning and shooting spouts of the wave multiple times like a dolphin. Bridget Klapinski holding the fort as the only female to ever make it to the final and ultimately placing 3rd overall with such domination and grace all the way to the beach almost every single ride.

But the glory of the day came to Sandon Karinsky, the defending champion. After watching Shane all day, Sandon was pretty convinced he wasn’t going to win, but with the grit he knows best when he’s been up against the best in swim meets and surf competitions, he grinded out the final, catching almost 20 waves and pulling moves like Shane. In the end, there was only 3.5 points spread between the top six contestants but Sandon reigned supreme, winning the 2019 Rockaway Beach Bodysurfing Underground Championship.

Humungous shout-outs to the founders of the event, Jeremy Jones, Clare Hilger, Mike Poindexter and John Wagner. Fantastic support backed up by Kristie Dickerson, Lois Pyanowski and Jackie DeLuca. ‘Til next year, WHOMP ON!!!

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