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Better Things To Do

 I understand politicians have to, in this day and age, use social media. It is an excellent tool for them to spotlight the work that they are doing and the people they assist on the daily basis. However, I do not think politicians should post selfies, unless it is of them with a constituent or has a political purpose. Recently, one of our local elected officials posted a selfie on Instagram. This local politician then posted a quote and multiple hashtags. One of the hashtags was  #bored. In the Rockaway community should any of our local politicians be bored? I do not think so. Maybe while this said politician was home on a sick day. Maybe they could have done one of the following things that do not require physical effort: 

  1. Followed up with the Department of Transportation regarding the rough road in Broad Channel on Cross Bay Boulevard. I called the office for an estimate on the timeline and the assistant told me he did not have it in front of him. He then also told me to use the side roads. I am not sure what side road I can use through the Bird Sanctuary but maybe I can Uber a submarine or a boat. This stretch of road was then the scene of an accident that resulted in the death of a cyclist. He could also have asked them what is the timeline for the painting of the lanes on the same stretch of road in Howard Beach? Both the rough road and the non-painted lines cause trouble.
  2. He could form a committee regarding the frequent disruption of service on the A-Train. Today, (Monday, October 21) there was no shuttle service and other issues.
  3. Maybe instead of being bored, he could explain to the Rockaway community why our roads have technically decreased in half, along with parking spaces to make way for bus lanes. I cannot imagine the traffic next summer and the gripes about the lack of parking.
  4. Another phone call to (I am not sure who), but when is Beach Channel Drive going to be completed and corrected? The way that the road was paved looks like a small child decided to just throw blacktop down on the ground and see how it settled. The contractor who is in charge should be receiving phone calls daily from all of our elected politicians, not just local ones.
  5. The beaches: this issue keeps getting discussed, especially due to the storms from last week. My beach is usually larger than other beaches and the water came up to the ramp of the boardwalk. Something must be done.

Now I know everyone is entitled to a sick day, but as I say to many young people, think before you post something. Especially when there are so many more issues I did not even address in this week’s column, that could use some attention.

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