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“The Law Is An Ass”

“The Law Is An Ass”

Dear Editor:

Charles Dickens didn’t know the half of it. Did you know that if you are driving and stop to retrieve something from a neighbor’s recyclable trash, NYC can confiscate your car? Or that NYC law says that you can be fined up to $15,000.00 and be sentenced to a year in jail for trimming that city tree in front of your house? And because it is illegal to bring furniture into a city park you can be fined for taking the sun sitting in your own folding chair. As asinine and annoying as these “money laws” may seem, they pale in comparison to the list of NO BAIL offenses recently signed into law by Governor Cuomo.

Here is a sample of just five of more than 20 serious NO Bail offenses that our Progressive Protectors in Albany believe better serve the public safety. 1)Assault in the Third Degree (which by time of arraignment has most likely been plea bargained down from something more serious.) 2) Aggrieved vehicular homicide; 3)Grand Larceny in the First Degree.4) Resisting Arrest.; 5)Promoting a sexual performance by a child. The list goes on.

Here is a question. Do you trust the progressive politicians who passed this law to give you an honest accounting of its ramifications? And like the gob smack we will suffer from legalized marijuana, they will never admit they were wrong. We are on our own and it’s time to fight back.

Thomas M. Casey


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