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Silent Dance Party?

I recently went on a cruise, and for those of you non-cruisers, each day you receive a detailed itinerary with all of the activities. There is not one reason why one should be bored on a cruise no matter the age. There is so much to do. There are different trivia games happening during the day, dodgeball tournaments, karaoke and now silent dance parties. The silent dance party piqued my interest this year on Day 4’s itinerary. At 7 p.m. on the main promenade, there was going to be a silent dance party. Now with my experience as a teacher and as a member of WISH, I am familiar with quiet events for children with sensory issues. At first I thought: how nice for children who do not like loud noises. Second thought was: I am going to attend and see what this is all about!

This was not in fact a silent dance party, and there were no small children there. This was a party where you gave your room key in exchange for headphones and on the headphones there were channels, similar to a radio station. There were a few different channels and there were a few different deejays playing music on the upper platform. Each headphone lit up with a different color and the deejays had colors as well. So if your headphones lit up blue, you were dancing and jamming to the deejay that had the color blue on his table.

I was so confused at this. I did not understand why everyone was in fact dancing and it was not actually silent. The only thing I could infer (as my husband would not let me “interview” the participants) was that in today’s society, everyone has to be happy and get what they want. I guess a regular deejay was not good enough because what if you did not like the music being played? What if you liked the genre, but then you did not like the next song?

I could not believe it when I Googled the term, “Silent Dance Party,” and over 140 million results were displayed. Also, there are companies that are renting the headphones and the equipment needed to participate or host a party. It also has been around at least since the 1990s, but the origin was actually logical: they had outdoor parties and did not want to violate noise regulations. Now it is described as the most millennial thing to do.

In case anyone is wondering, I did not participate in the silent dance party, I just observed from a table close by and sat in awe at what was being displayed in front of me. I also snuck a few pictures…I texted my daughters who will turn 22 and 27 this year if they have even attended a silent dance party and then would they attend one. My older responded: “LOL I never went, but I know people who did. It’s weird. IDK if I would do it.”

What do you think readers? Let me know. New email address is MrsHanning308@gmail.com. Have a great week everyone and enjoy the parade.

By Beth Hanning

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