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From Anxiety to Ease

 Dear Enchantress,

How do you keep so positive? I see you on your online livestreams and you always seem to be happy to share and sharing happy thoughts. I can’t help but wonder, how do you this? And is it real? Will you share some tips about how you do it? Also aren’t you exhausted after doing so many LIVE videos. I’m not sure when this will get answered, but we can all use a boost of positivity, while everyone is cooped up in their houses.


Dear Curious Connie,

Thank you for your questions! No, I’m not always happy, and right now I have to toot my horn. I’m having quite a run of equanimity, not too high-highs and not to low- lows. During the winter, I usually sink into some darkness. Not this winter! Just the other day, I caught myself realizing “Oh the winter is over and I didn’t have to dig myself out of a ditch!”

So for my whole life, starting at 12, I was in a depressed, and angry, self-critical state, constantly. When I turned 32, I began attending my improv theatre classes, and I learned how to notice my emotions, and I also began noticing my energy, and how I can control it. And I am a big control freak.

In this current situation, where we are all staying put and at home, I feel like I’ve been in training for this for years. Working with emotions and self-awareness is the biggest deal. Noticing the moment, I start to feel activated. Examples of that would be my heart rate starts to speed up, or I see my patience is short and reactive. If I can notice it in the moment, then I have all the power.

I live with my dog, Cooper. With you living with your husband, now could be a time where you experiment and practice ways to chill out. In other words, practice calm. Use whatever language you think he’ll be on board with. There are so many free resources to listen to, from meditations to dance breaks to writing support. Basically, all the self-expression you find interesting or are curious about, and also how to calm yourself using your five senses. 

If you want more immediate information, you can get my book on Amazon, “From Anxiety to Ease, The Feminine Way.” It’s inspiring, and a workbook with actions to take. Sending love.


To ask your own Dear Enchantress Shane question, email: Love@enchantedembodiment.com 

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