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Thank You, Thank You

Preface: I am completely 100% aware of how serious this pandemic is. I am just trying to make a few people laugh (if any).

For those of you who do not watch Jimmy Fallon, one of the best things he does is his segment, “Thank you notes.” And for those of you who read my column, you know why: I love a nice thank you note. I especially love Jimmy’s acting out the handwriting onto a piece of stationery and sarcastically and/or seriously thanking someone or something from popular culture that week. 

This week I would like to thank the following people (some seriously, some sarcastically, you decide on your own):

Thank you to Erica and her entire staff at Stop and Shop Rockaway Park. They are working around the clock to keep our homes stocked with essentials. Or in our house, non-essentials like Cheez-Its and Oreos.

Thank you to all of the people not listening to Erica and her staff (or the news) in not practicing social distancing. I was just clearly six feet behind someone and a man asked me if I was on line and stood directly behind me…Thanks guy…

Thank you to Liz Hanna for creating a great local Facebook page to support local businesses. Liz is working hard to make sure menus, hours and delivery information is available on one page. She is actively answering questions and assisting her neighbors. Keep up the good work, Liz!

Thank you to the Facebook page, “Friends of Rockaway Beach.” This is not an insult to the administrators because I know they work diligently to try to keep it an informative page, but people just cannot help themselves. People think of it as their own diary or Google. Maybe try Googling something before you just throw a question onto a page. Again, John and the other administrators, it is not your fault.

Thank you to my friends who are always there on our group text messages. If not for all of the jokes and sarcasm, what would I be doing? I mean who puts on the group chat they have re-recorded their daily remote learning lesson three times because they did not like their hair or their lip gloss wasn’t on point?

Thank you to Google Classroom for reminding me how much of a dinosaur teacher I am. I swore this whole internet would pass by, but here I am learning all of this in a short time. PS: I am not doing Zoom or Google Meet, as of yet. I did have one video conference call and I hope it is not in a cloud somewhere because I broke my own rule of showering and dressing each day and, of course, that was the day I had to do one. Today, I have fancy leggings on and earrings, and of course, no video calls.

Thank you to all of the parents out there who are appreciative of their teachers right now. I saw some great memes and videos apologizing to the teachers!

And of course, a huge shout out to all of our essential workers. I do not want to list any and leave anyone out… you all know who you are!


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