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Cori Meets Covid

Early in the week of March 16, I began to play that game we all play as we feel a “little something” coming on. We feel that slight tickle in the throat, fight back that cough and ignore that ever so slight temperature.

We’ve all been there! Although, of course, when we were kids with those very symptoms, we would shrewdly tell mom about them the very second they appeared, almost guaranteeing a day out “sick” from school. Of course, as an adult, with a job to get to and bills to pay, I waged a fierce mental battle for almost three days. Winning battle after mental battle, until what I suspected was Covid-19, pulled out its secret weapon in the form of a 103-degree fever and rendered me a beaten man.

By Thursday evening, I was a shell of myself. Fever raging, head pounding and coughing with every third breath. I woke up Friday morning with a raging headache, body on fire and coughing now on every second breath. Not sure if I had more than two hours sleep the whole night, but I knew I needed to get to a doctor.

I called BayView Urgent Care on Beach Channel Drive. To my surprise, they were able to take me right away. Out of caution, they scheduled me to come right in and directed me to wait in the rear parking and call them when I arrived. I called and was asked to wait just a few minutes for a call back. Within five minutes, my cell rang and I was directed to meet a fully protected nurse who brought me into a separate back entrance further down a long hall.

After a few quick questions, it was determined I should have a flu test. The flu test has a very immediate result and in five minutes it came back negative. It was then determined that I was a candidate for the Covid-19 test, which they fortunately had. Those who have had these tests know these are not pleasant, to say the least.

I described it in a very dramatic way to a friend of mine, like having an eyelash brush cleaning your eye socket by way of your nostrils. Ok, like I said, this was said to my buddy for dramatic purposes, it wasn’t that bad, but you get the picture!

As many have come to know, the Covid-19 test takes between three to five days for results. I was told by the doctor to watch my breathing very closely and if there was any trouble, to go to an emergency room. She prescribed an inhaler to me and sent me home to await the results. She made it very clear to treat what I had as if it were Covid-19. She said to quarantine.

So I did! For the next several days, I slept and coughed and ate Tylenol like they were Madelaine Chocolates, which really helped keep my temperature down. On Wednesday morning, I received my results that I was, in fact, suffering from Covid-19.

As much as I was expecting to hear those results, it was kind of a relief to know that I no longer had to sneak around and hide from this crazy virus that had been on a slow three-month journey to my body from half way around the world.

The first week was not quite as hard to deal with as the flu that I had few years back, but Covid-19 did kick my butt pretty good. As I entered my second full week with the virus, I began to notice some very fast improvements, with my cough subsiding and my fever just about gone.

As I am writing this, I can say that I am 98% better, still a bit tired and a cough that pops up here and there, but feel a hundred times better than a few weeks ago.

For the most part, I’m glad it’s over, but I will continue to quarantine into the weekend.

The biggest takeaway for me, I know I would have had a much tougher time if I were just a bit older.

So please, let’s keep up this great job we are doing by social distancing. Keep it going for each other as long as it takes. And keep taking great care of one another.

(Editor’s note: John submitted this April 1 and is feeling even better now)

By John Cori

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