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The New Normal

So again, I will start with I know this is a horrible time and I hope everyone is well. I hope to spread some smiles this week.

For those of you who read my column regularly, I am an old school teacher. I previously had never used Google Classroom until this pandemic. I hate it. I love a nice old “whiteboard” and a marker any day. That was one piece of advancement I enjoyed because I wear black every day and I constantly had chalk all over myself. But this Google Classroom stuff is awful.

Anyway, I hope everyone is keeping busy. I hope to come out of this pandemic super fit, but coming home from the walks and eating my weight in carbs might be counterproductive.

I have some new hobbies since the pandemic started. One of them, ironically, is related to technology. I am loving all of the apps that allow us to talk and see our family. We had a family “party” Saturday night. We got dressed up and did Facebook Messenger FaceTime. It was super easy and actually a lot of fun. Another app is Houseparty. Also super fun and again causing me to interact with people I usually would not be at a “house party” with on a regular Saturday night. I am usually so anti this technology but when you are looking at your dog and speaking to him, it is a fun app. 

Another one of them is talking on the phone. I have spoken more on the phone, more in the last few weeks, than since when I was a teenager. I have also spoken on the phone to people I have never spoken to EVER. If you text me, I do not text back…I call you. And if you do not pick up, you are in big trouble. Some people are so happy. My neighbor, John Martin, was a big caller for years; he hated texts. When the phone rang, you were like what does he want, can’t he just text me? Now I am like, “Hey, what’s up?” My husband said I need a pad to make doodles to truly become his mom from the 1980s. I also have a house phone and am using that a lot!

My other hobby is walking and exploring. I have lived in Rockaway my entire life, except one school year, and have never been to a few places I have ventured to in the past week. The Bird Sanctuary in Broad Channel was quite amazing. The path around the pond and the birds brought about a sense of tranquility in this crazy time. Don’t worry, I was socially distant. I also went up to visit the horses in Fort Tilden. I used to take the girls there all the time and it was also a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do one day to pass the time.

I feel like Jerry Seinfeld: So if I walk six miles in X amount of hours, I get home at five, then I order dinner, then it is television time and then bedtime. It’s like the day is quick!

Stay safe everyone.

By Beth  Hanning 


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