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Pandemic Silver Linings

Well I guess great minds think alike. I wrote my silver linings column last week but missed my deadline. I am kind of “swamped.” When I told Kevin that I was swamped he responded, “First person I’ve heard who’s swamped.” That’s another column. I am super busy during the pandemic quarantine and I will journal this week, and next week tell you what I am doing.

Silver Linings:

Celebrity houses: I am loving seeing all of the celebrities and news correspondents at home. I also like to see who can do their own hair and makeup. Lara Spencer from Good Morning America is currently winning in the house/office and her hair looks fabulous and her makeup is flawless. Kelly Ripa, co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan is losing. I am not impressed with her home office space and she clearly has been privileged too long and is out of practice with applying makeup and styling her own hair.

Cable: We are lucky enough to subscribe to most cable channels and the cable movie selection  is pretty impressive. I watched the last hour of Rudy the other night when I should have been going to sleep. I could not turn it off, even though I know how it ends! I like super cheesy action thrillers and have watched Mark Wahlberg’s Spencer Confidential and Gabrielle Union’s Breaking In. I never even heard of the latter and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Facebook Virtual Bar: If you are not one of the thirty-thousand people who follow the Coronavirus Quarantine Virtual Bar, find it now. Each day and night there are DJs and musical guests. I did my workout the other day to tunes from NYC DJ Louie Mole. Teddy Rauert is playing each night as well. It has even brought some djs out of retirement. Thank you, Keith Green, for your fabulous porch DJing. Sorry, I cannot mention everyone! There is live music as well.

Free time: I have seen a few backyards getting some action that I have never seen being used before. I happened to be walking and saw a father and son having a catch and it brought a huge smile to my face. I feel many people are super busy and a catch is a classic pastime. I have a bit more free time and I have been exploring our great neighborhood. I am embarrassed to say I had never been to the bunkers in Fort Tilden. It was awesome. Walking to the top was also a great workout! I also walked over the Marine Parkway Bridge for the first (and last time) last week. Too scary for me, especially when going over the middle and trucks going by!

No regents: This is for all of my high school kids out there. I know a few people who have taken regents multiple times and have not passed them. I know my juniors (or advanced 9th or 10th graders) who have just hit the jackpot! Pass the class and you get regents credit!

Have a great week everyone, stay safe!

Did I forget any of your silver linings? Email me at MrsHanning308@gmail.com. I hope I get to it because I am swamped!

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