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So, last week I wrote about how I was swamped and Kevin Boyle told me I was the first person to tell him about being swamped in quarantine. Well Kevin, many people texted me and or commented on my column last week about being swamped. Here are some ways we are swamped:

Online Learning: Many people think schools are closed. School buildings are closed but schools are up and running. I did not have Google Classroom until the week of March 16. I have been swamped trying to learn this as well as Castle Learning, ScreenCastify, QuickTime player and many other online applications. Then I go to sign up for these accounts and I am told “That email already exists in our system” and it takes me a significant amount of time trying to remember my username and password. I also teach high school, which means I teach five classes with about 30 students in each class. I do not even have children to homeschool. Many parents who are teachers texted me to say they are swamped as well due to trying to keep their children on task as well as their classes. Someone who I respect deeply, Father Jomar, said it is “one of the most common misconceptions” that online learning is easier. It is difficult. And it is not just difficult for teachers, it is difficult for anyone working from home with children trying to keep their children on task and attending to their own responsibilities.

Meals: I feel planning meals is difficult and, again, I have no small children at home. Some friends have told me that their children want three course meals for breakfast and lunch and they are being picky. The best meme I have seen is about using your school stomach while online learning. I also have to go to a few different stores to get my ingredients for cooking. I also have to shop for a few picky people myself. I call shopping for my dad a “scavenger hunt.” P.S.: A huge thank you to all the stores and restaurants that are open and working so hard to assist us in getting what we need.

Birthday parades: Probably the best thing to come out of this pandemic are birthday parades.  The parades are pretty quick, but the preparations are time consuming. I have to go to Beach 129th Street to Lennie’s and get balloons. I have to make a sign and, of course, shower that day and get dressed up! Summer Duffy’s parade upped the game with a theme and her “Wiggin’ Out” parade was super fun! I also was almost late to the 3 o’clock parade because the day got away from me! Now I have heard we may do graduation parades. Sign me up: email me or text me the details and I will be there!

Cleaning: I have become a bit of a germaphobe since this began. Each morning I clean all of the door knobs, faucets, and anything else this virus can live on. I even clean the steering wheel and handles of the car doors both inside and out each day. This is a lot!

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