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“I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t go to Rogers at 11 o’clock, have a few drinks and a good time and then go home at 1 o’clock. And then be home for a little while and decide I have still have energy, so I go back and close the place. And then get something to eat at Pickles and Pies and then go home for good. That’s the world I want back. I’m 67 years old or 68, whatever I am. I can’t be locked in anymore. This is nuts. No beach? This is nuts.” 

The speaker will remain anonymous, although some might guess his identity. He exercises regularly, including posting his workouts online. He does curls with 2-litre Coke bottles. Sometimes, he’s hard to understand because he eats potato chips while doing some of the drills. 

Loud chewing aside, the speaker reflects a growing sentiment. Lockdown fatigue. Enough already. 

Not sure if I disagree. Although I might frame it differently. I mean, even in pre-corona days, if I stayed in Rogers until close, I’d put myself in a lockdown and wear a mask for a couple of months, at least.

Anyway, I have to admit to getting antsy. It seems to me, spring fever is the next epidemic. If the sun is shining and the temps inch above 60, I’m going out. And by the looks of it, on a couple of recent spring days, everyone has the same idea. It’s easy to be disciplined when it’s cold and rainy. But if the sun peeks out, I’m going out for some Vitamin D.

You’ve probably heard that Sweden is managing the corona crisis differently than other countries. Sweden has voluntary social distancing and a lot of businesses have stayed open. And it seems to be working fine, relatively. Yes, yes, there are some buts. Sweden has a high death percentage among those who contract Covid-19 but a high percentage of those deaths occur in elder care facilities. And yes, there are scientists in Sweden who do advocate for more stringent measures. So, not everyone is happy there. But, but, but the vast majority of people in Sweden are in favor of the policy and other Swedish scientists believe herd immunity is well underway. (Herd immunity means more than 70 percent of the people have already been infected and have recovered).

I get it. We’re not sure if antibody tests are wholly accurate. We’re not sure if people can get the virus again. We’re not sure of a lot of things. But I am sure the lockdown can’t go on and on.

I remember when people who were smoking cigarettes would pretty much blow that smoke in your face. Or they would light up at the table next to you in a restaurant and you’d see the smoke snaking its way right over your meal. People smoked on airplanes, fer crissake.

Going back further, to the 1800s, some New York City streets had knee-high garbage, which included horse manure and household trash. Society now agrees that smoking should be restricted and dumping garbage in the streets is not cool, I’m confident we can adjust to new reasonable norms. Smokers still light up in places they shouldn’t, but it’s rare. Littering hasn’t been cured because there are jerks and there always will be.

But I think society can be sensible. I do. To me, as long as the health care system can handle new cases, it’s full Swede ahead.

I just want to have the option of going to Rogers at 1 in the morning.

 By Kevin Boyle

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