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Ease Up

I have tried to be pretty positive during this pandemic and try to keep you laughing. This week is my rant column. I cannot believe that this situation has created an even bigger divide than the Trump people vs. Trump haters. I have unfriended and “unfollowed” a record amount of people since the end of March. I have also begun to dislike a large amount of people.

Here are some reasons why I am currently hating a large amount of people: (Yes, I know hate is a strong word).  1). The people who need to post and/or comment on social media about every news event. When did you become a journalist whose job it is to inform the public? I will see something on the news and if I could bet when and who would post about what I just saw I would be winning big money. It is like clockwork that person will post about the most recent news story. Also, why do some people feel the need to comment on every post? If you disagree, it is possible to move on and keep your mouth shut or your comments to yourself. Some of these people are the same ones complaining about how tiring working from home is. Well, it must be tough when you are on social media all day. Also: do not share stuff you did not thoroughly fact check. PLEASE many ignorant people read your post and believe it. FAKE NEWS.

2). The new medical doctors who must have gotten their MD after their name while I was not looking. According to the New York Times, Governor Cuomo stated “that he would start requiring people in New York to wear masks or face coverings in public whenever social distancing was not possible.” When I am walking around the neighborhood, I try to walk weird places I know will be less populated. And if I am walking, and people are more than six feet away from me, I am not wearing a mask or covering. I also cross the street or walk in the street if people are coming to pass by me. I do not know why so many people are yelling “Where is your mask?” Shut up and mind your own business. I am not within six feet of you. And if you are so afraid, do not go to Riis Park or the Rockaway Boardwalk during peak hours. Get up early and enjoy the beautiful view.

3) Photos: I know our mayor encouraged people to take pictures and send to a city agency, but do you not see the society he is creating? George Orwell warned us about this in his 1950 novel, 1984. His characters were being controlled by a totalitarian government and there was a group of young children who were called Junior Spies who would report suspicious activity. Please do not fall into this horrible activity and send pictures of your neighbors having a bonfire or riding their bikes with their friends. Now you can have your opinion, but many people I have heard that were reported by the spies were actually using social distancing practices. I just do not understand how people are not using the slogan said by George Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

If you are high risk and uncomfortable, stay home or use judgment in the time you go out each day.

 By Beth Hanning 

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