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Boardwalk Etiquette

As my loyal readers know, I love to do etiquette columns. I annually write my beach etiquette column (which next year may have to be three week’s worth of columns as people are getting out of control!) Now I have realized, I must write a boardwalk etiquette column. I noticed this as early as the spring but now with what I see as a huge increase in visitors, it is a huge issue.

  1. Please realize people are biking and jogging while on the boardwalk, so be aware of your surroundings. Do not just step off of the beach and continue walking south to north or vice versa. Look both ways as if you were crossing the street. Be sure to hold small children’s hands and make sure they do not run out in front of someone. The biker and the child could be seriously hurt. The Rockaway boardwalk is a busy thoroughfare in the summer as people use it as a way to get around the neighborhood. So be careful! I think more people are biking since there is construction everywhere!
  2. Cyclists, please be aware it is not the Tour de France. We do not want to see how high of a speed you can achieve while riding on the boards. Also, boardwalk users, there is no bike lane for a few blocks, so be aware of that as well.
  3. People, please do not walk in the bike lane. I am not speeding on my bike but it is easier if I can stay in the bike lane rather than going around.
  4. Please do not begin a football game while on the boardwalk! (Recently, a friend I met from Queens through WISH commented on my column that I must be exaggerating.) I am not. I saw two young men playing a game of football on the boardwalk, steps away from the beach. Go onto the beach.
  5. Wear clothes. Or at least a bathing suit with enough material. I do not want to see your cheeks: male or female (yes I saw a man’s butt cheeks last week while biking.)
  6. Do not just stop walking while on the boardwalk to take a selfie or to check your phone. Move to the side so as not to have someone bump right into you.

Thank you all so much for your kind emails and suggestions for beach etiquette columns. I really appreciate it!

Any boardwalk pet peeves of yours? Let me know! MrsHanning308@gmail.com.

Have a good week!

By Beth Hanning 

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