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The Lazer Speaks: Been There, Dunne That

 Real Rockaway residents will remember the long-time Wave columnist Dorothy Dunne. Dorothy’s column centered around events in Rockaway and Breezy Point, mostly parties of friends and family that she would drop in at and then report on. I think it was special for those folks to see their names in print. You knew you had arrived if you made a Dorothy column. I didn’t know her or her friends, but it was always a guilty pleasure to read her column and feel like you were a guest at the party.

Well, in that vein, I offer the following observations from recent events. I was on the beach this past weekend where Donna Sue was celebrating her birthday and her husband Patrick brought her a beautiful balloon! Some old friends were there, people she knew from grammar school and high school. While there was some grumbling about “mask conspiracies,” everyone kept their social distance, even while they were having a few sociables.

It was a time to catch up with the talented photographer from the North Fork who shuttles her time between Rockaway and Greenport and whose photos adorn the Northwell Health offices here in Rockaway. Her photos of owls and birds from out East are simply outstanding. There was also an opportunity to catch up with the contingent from Peach Lake, making the long trip for their dear friend. And I didn’t know the gang from Garden City had an injured player on their roster, as the patriarch had a quad operation that has sidelined his chair- throwing days.

Also, in attendance was the effervescent Bugsy, master of all. He previewed his upcoming history classes that he offered through Facebook one, long, lonely night much to his own regret. Actually, the classes sound very interesting, and Mr. Goldberg gets high marks for his civic-mindedness and charitable use of his time, which is always at a premium. How he manages to do all that he does is beyond me. I get tired just thinking about it. His wonderful wife is a saint!

The get-together was made possible through the hard work and love of a retired Battalion Chief and his lovely wife, close friends of the birthday girl. After setting up a tent, bringing chairs, coolers and food down, I offered my help, but apparently everything was already done. Who knew?

I also found out that a friend who I thought was still on the police force, had retired almost eight years ago and is working on Long Island heading a security group for a hospital. I missed that completely over the last eight years! If Dorothy was still reporting, these would be the kind of things I would pick up on. Which reminds me. A walk to the beach these days reveals that there are so many people I don’t know anymore. I mean I know it’s 90 degrees and people are coming from all over to go to the beach, but boy do I feel like my beloved father-in-law when he would say “who are these people?”   

But it’s all good, as we are deep into summer, and friends and family gather, even during the pandemic, albeit safely. Because even when the Grinch stole Christmas, the good people of Whoville still celebrated, I can hear them singing now! So, enjoy summer, smile, laugh, but don’t hug and for God’s sake don’t kiss. And by the way stay out of the water as I hear there are Great White sharks out there, but I’ll save that for another time!

Rockway Beach: where dreams come true!!

(Editor’s note: Lazer asked his logo be replaced with this recent photo of himself).

By Lou Pastina

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