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Ode To Summer

As we sit and enjoy the last few days of summer and savor the fact that because of the calendar, we actually get an extra week due to Labor Day arriving late this year, I think we should give a shout out to all of the things we have enjoyed this summer.

  1. My electric bicycle. My husband first purchased one for himself and since I could not keep up with him, I received one too! It is a great mode of transportation and I truly enjoy it. My husband has ridden all over the town with a huge smile on his face! We even rode to Breezy Point for a block party. Usually I stress about getting a cab home but the bike was 17 minutes door to door. The only thing my husband does not like is random people asking tons of questions about the bike. It truly has become a conversation starter and John does not want any extra conversations with strangers. However, he will spill info on his bike with friends all day long. We had a bucket list and not all things were checked off of the list but we do have a few more weekends and hopefully September is nice. Long Beach, I hope to be there for brunch one Sunday!
  2. Beach parties and house parties: Since we were not allowed to go to bars this summer, of course the Rockaway people improvised. Thank you to all of the party planners who organized food and entertainment. Thank you to all of the deejays who kept us dancing this summer. Sorry to the professionals, but my favorite DJ was my friend DJ Lynn.
  3. Local restaurants. I know this summer was super stressful for you with the rules changing daily, but you all did it fabulously. We thank you for all of your diligence and patience while dealing with the bureaucracy of our city and state. Hopefully we can eat at your establishments all winter long INDOORS.
  4. Thank you to Keith “Bugsy” Goldberg for keeping the tradition of the Saint Francis de Sales Summer Classic going. I drove by a few nights and it was so great to see the children playing the game they love: basketball. I know Bugsy worked hard due to the crazy weather we have also experienced.
  5. Outdoor recreation. Thank you to all of the local trainers for holding classes on the beach, boardwalk and local parks. It felt a little normal to work out amongst friends. I also played tennis a bit this summer and had a great time with my friends. Again, hopefully we have a mild autumn and we can continue playing.

I know this has been a crazy summer but at least we live in one of the greatest towns. Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone.

By Beth Hanning 


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