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Reasons For Thanks

As I wrote in last week’s column, I love Thanksgiving. I love the food and the low pressure of no presents and just getting the house ready. My house is all autumnal and we will start the Christmas decorations this weekend. Here are a few things I am thankful for:

My friends: Again, when I speak to my friends at work, not many have friends they can trace back to elementary school. I am very lucky to have a group of both old and new friends who live all around me. From book clubs, to Christmas in July to Friendsgiving, we always have such a great time. I texted one of my friends this morning and she responded with exactly the comment I needed. A huge shout out to my friends who keep me off of the ledge all the time.

I am also super thankful to my work friends, especially this year. I did not have Google classroom when we went remote in May and the younger teachers have really been there for me trying to assist me in my remote teaching journey. They have also been there to listen to me vent!

My dad: For those of my loyal readers, you know I often write about my father. I feel he is a bit of a local legend. I was once describing him to someone new to the area and they asked me, “Is he the man who always wears the veteran hats?” I said: “Yes, yes he is.” Someone recently sent me a picture of him from the Harbor Light and when I told him, he responded that he was not aware someone took his pic and that he was contacting his lawyer!

My family:  I am very lucky to have a great family. My daughters are super good to me and both drive, so I can boss them around to do chores for me and drive me places. My husband is busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner and a friend was surprised to see him at Stop and Shop doing the shopping and not me. (It was probably his first time in Stop and Shop in a while.)

WISH of Rockaway: I am lucky to be part of this amazing non-profit organization. We are able to pay it forward to so many people in our town and it makes me proud to be just a small part of it. Look for the upcoming Christmas and Santa car parade!

My town: I am super thankful to live in the greatest town in the world. Let’s be honest, we do not live here because of the great infrastructure! We should start a pool, “When will Beach Channel Drive be complete?

Kevin Boyle: I am super thankful to write for this paper and to share in a positive or sarcastic vibe each week. Thank you, Kevin, for giving me a platform to humor and sometimes gripe about a particular “Slice of Life.”

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

By Beth Hanning 

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