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A Blurry Year

Thanksgiving was at least six months ago.

I went to a fantastic wedding last New Year’s Eve. But I swear that couple must be celebrating their third of fourth anniversary. It couldn’t have been just one year ago. No way.

Australian wildfires which seemed to threaten everything Down Under happened in January. It was a big story that went up in flames. Sorry, sometimes puns just insist on getting in. Anyway, where was I? Oh, Australia. The fires are forgotten and now the news is, the place is practically Covid-free. Those fires? Now I’m pretty sure they happened in 2015.      

Kobe Bryant? In a few weeks there will be one-year anniversary stories about his death (and those with him) in a helicopter crash. One year? Kobe Bryant died just eleven months ago?  Impossible.

And the Super Bowl? I don’t even know who played. And that didn’t occur until February. And February? I’m not even sure if we had one this year.

March is when the slow motion Hurricane Sandy started. I was spooked early so I didn’t go to the Rockaway St. Patrick’s Parade. I wasn’t freaking out; I just didn’t want to go some place where everybody might have the flu. Less than three weeks later, I was wearing gloves and looking at everyone else like they were Typhoid Mary.

It’s easy to forget things in an unforgettable year. Parasite won Best Picture. I saw it and have zero– zero!– memory of it. I think Goya beans were a thing for a few days. And a tiger at the Bronx zoo got Covid. Everybody remembers the toilet paper shortage but hair coloring products disappeared as well. Formerly blond-haired women were saying roots was a pandemic, too.

Normally, ha—there’s a 2020 word – normally, this is the time of year when we have looking back stories. We have all those Top 10 lists and mark the death of celebrities (some of whom we say, huh, I didn’t know, they were still alive). I don’t think there’s a Top 10 of anything and celebrity deaths don’t seem noteworthy this time around.

So, with 2020 in the books, did we all age ten years or do we get this year back? Are we gonna try to squeeze the fun we missed into 2021 and 2022?  I’m thinking yes.

Once the vaccine does its thing, there are gonna be a lot of people saying, I haven’t seen you, let’s go out, let’s get a drink. Dr. Fauci’s gonna be talking about hangovers.

I know, I know, a virus doesn’t care about a calendar and the early part of 2021 is going to be dark but if there’s anything to remember from 2020, it’s that life is short and fragile, so you better get living.

Good riddance to 2020. I hope soon, it feels like twenty years ago.

By Kevin Boyle 

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