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Kate and Seamus Hope to Adopt

 A local couple is hoping to adopt. And with social media and the help of friends and family, they’re hoping to spread the message to find an expectant mother who is considering adoption and looking for a good home for her baby.

After meeting through work ten years ago in Boston, Kate and Seamus hit it off. In September 2016, they tied the knot and the following year, they bought a house and moved to Roxbury to be closer to Kate’s family in Rockaway, where she grew up. They began trying to start a family of their own, but unfortunately found that it wasn’t in the cards. “After going through several years of fertility treatments, we were unsuccessful. After a lot of soul searching and discussion, we decided to discontinue that process,” Kate said. Instead, they decided to put their efforts toward adopting a newborn. “That was the right path for us,” she said.

After extensive research and consulting with other couples, Kate and Seamus realized an independent adoption would work best for them. Rather than going through an adoption agency, an independent adoption gives potential parents the opportunity to directly connect with a parent or expectant mother who is looking for a home for their child, with the help of an adoption lawyer.  “We felt this was the right path for us. It can go a lot of ways, but it tends to be quicker,” Kate said. “With the independent process, we have a high likelihood of meeting the birthmother and getting to know her and we thought that was important,” Seamus added.

That means the hard part would be up to them—finding an expectant mother. At the beginning of the year, they began their journey, finding an adoption attorney that could help with the legal aspects of the process, and on St. Patrick’s Day, they introduced themselves and their intentions to the world, launching their efforts through social media and a website, something that has become common for independent adoptions in the digital age.

And so began the marketing of Kate and Seamus. In daily social media posts, the couple shares a glimpse of their life, showing who they are and why they would make great parents. “With this whole process, you feel very vulnerable. You’re putting your whole life out there, not just for expectant mother, but for the whole world to see,” Kate said. A glimpse of their social media accounts shows who they are. Kate, 34, and Seamus, 37, live in a home near the bay in Roxbury. Both working remotely, Kate is an employee benefits consultant, Seamus is an InsurTech consultant. Kate loves to cook. They both love to travel and spend time outdoors. They recently adopted a rescue dog, a pointer from Georgia named Nellie, who loves to go on hikes with them at the nearby park and walks on the beach. Family game nights and theme parties with costumes are a regular occurrence.

Seamus, who spent time teaching underprivileged kids how to ski in Boston, and Kate, a former lifeguard, are ready to show a potential child the best of both worlds. “We’re definitely looking forward to getting my own skier and I’m sure Katie is interested to have her own lifeguard on the beach,” Seamus said. And most importantly, family is everything. They’re just hoping to expand theirs by welcoming a newborn into their life.

Both of their parents are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild, which would be surrounded by a support system of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. The couple says that support system has made this vulnerable process of putting themselves out there, a bit easier. From friends and family, to even local organizations like Rockaway WISH and The Graybeards, which have shared their posts on social media, the couple says they’ve been blown away by those who have reached out to offer help and advice “It’s been really nice to hear from so many people who have been adopted or have adopted,” they said.  “We’re doing it this way so we can reach an expectant mother ourselves and it gives our friends, family and neighbors and anyone a chance to help. Everyone has been spreading the word. I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents are stopping people on the street and telling our story. I could see my dad in Boardwalk Bagels announcing to everyone that we’re looking to adopt,” Kate said. But it keeps their options open. “Who knows how we’ll find a mom? It could be a completely random connection. We’re just hopeful we’re the right fit for her and she’s the right fit for us,” Kate said.

Besides the vulnerability of putting themselves out there, the couple does have some fears about how this process could go. “Our biggest fear is that an expectant mother reaches out and tells us she wants to put her child up for adoption and we go through that process for six months, but when the baby is born, she decides she doesn’t want to do adoption anymore. That is her right to change her mind, but then it stops for us. We would be heartbroken. This kind of thing is not unheard of, but it does happen,” she said.

But they’re hoping for the best. And their efforts to get the word out there have been working. The couple says they’ve been having conversations with some mothers. While those leads haven’t worked out yet, they know the process requires patience. “We’re not expecting for this to happen overnight. We’re in this for the long-haul and know it can take a lot of time,” Kate said. From their research, an independent adoption process could take about one to two years to be successful. “We’re keeping the faith,” Seamus said.

But they’re ready for the possibility. “We’d love to find someone who is excited and willing to put their child in our hands,” Seamus said. “I think we come from really loving stable, awesome families and there’s a lot of excitement about welcoming a child into our lives. This child would be the most spoiled child. We know that we can give an adoptive child a beautiful life and that’s all we want to do,” Kate said. “We have a lot of love to give.”

For more info, follow “Kate And Seamus Adopt” on Facebook and Instagram, check out their website www.kateandseamusadopt.com, or text or call 833-414-1256. The couple encourages anyone to help in their journey by sharing their social media posts and website.

By Katie McFadden


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