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Good News, Too

During the last year, many of us have realized that the news media is sensationalized. I think we always knew that it was, but the events of the last year have really brought it out. I remember as a young elementary school student learning about yellow journalism, and I feel that has truly taken hold in our mainstream news media. Not all news publications have great covers such as “Smells Like Summer” or “April Fools: No Joke Connolly’s to Reopen!”

I have taken to Twitter quite often to see news stories not on the mainstream media. Last week while scrolling through Twitter I saw a few great local news stories. Now I know the local affiliates rarely come down to our neck of the woods, but they definitely will not come for a positive news story. The local news only seems to come when a young swimmer has tragically drowned or something else that would put Rockaway and the surrounding areas in a negative light.

For those of you who read my column, you may have noticed I have been missing in action for a while. I truly had writer’s block. I usually get ideas from society, and the only thing happening in society was masks and Covid.

Now I am inspired to write a series of good news columns!

Did you know that our local police departments, the 100th and the 101st Precincts have been engaging in positive community service outreach? The 100th Precinct has been running a chess club each Thursday at 4 p.m. at the precinct on Beach 94th Street. Captain Carlos Fabara is shown in the pictures playing chess with young players. The caption on their Twitter feed says that young people can also come and learn the game of chess. What a fabulous story! With many schools not open and students remote, this is a great thing for children to get out of the house and learn a great game. It also is a fabulous way for young people to get to know their local law enforcement.

Also, this past weekend, both the 100th and the 101st Precincts participated in a graffiti clean-up. Not only did they sponsor it, they even asked for suggestions of where graffiti needed to be cleaned up in the area! The pictures on Twitter seemed to show this was a great event.

The 101st Precinct also is sponsoring “Pop up with a Cop” and Officers Conti and Castellano played games and served food to the members of the community. The pictures also looked as if the officers had food pantry items that people were able to bring home. The Twitter post said, “Until next week.” Check out both the 100th and 101st Twitter feeds for more information.

And if you would like to participate in another clean-up please check out community activists: Christina James, Mike Scala, Torey Schnupp, John Cori and their committee “Bringing Back Rockaway.” They are planning a community clean-up on Saturday, April 24 (which we desperately need.) For more information email: bringingbackrockaway@gmail.com.

Have a good week everyone. Send me positive news ideas: MrsHanning308@gmail.com.

By Beth Hanning 


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