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Road Danger

Dear Editor:

 As of today May 6, the day this letter is published, we have 22 full days until the start of the Memorial Day weekend and just 16 full working days. And Beach Channel Drive from Beach 116th Street to Beach 125th Street is a disaster. This road is the major east / west route through the Rockaways. Since it is down to one lane in each direction it has created a bottleneck, backing up traffic on it and other east west roads. It is also dangerous. Several times I have been driving Beach Channel Drive and had cars driving as if the road was two lanes in the same direction. Once, if I hadn’t braked and let a car in, there would have surely been an accident.

I ask City officials, when will this road be paved and traffic back to normal? Time is running out. Traffic is bad enough in the Rockaways after Memorial Day. With Beach Channel Drive as it is, emergency vehicles will get stuck in the grid lock and people could die. If the people currently running for public office want our vote, maybe they should put pressure to get this road fixed.

Mark Eidinger

 (Editor’s note: We reached out to the DDC, which is heading the project. They say it will be complete by May 23. They just need to complete the asphalt on the north side of the road.) 

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