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The Passage of Time

Took an hourglass off the shelf today, turned it over and watched the passage of time for a while, then went about doing whatever I was doing. When I looked back, all of the sand had drizzled to the lower part and I thought: it is just like life passing by, before you know it, in whatever way, it ends. 

We each have a unique hourglass, and we live as if the sand will be a never-ending flow. But that is not the reality and once we realize that, we understand that it is what we make of life—what we feel connected to, happy with, grateful for—that makes all the difference.  What we make of life or how we do it—live, that is—can bring peace and joy or struggle and sadness. Many times, it is a choice we can make whether it be for little things or a big thing.  Sometimes, it is hard to make the choice to go in the happy lane: trying to replace not so good habits with great ones, turning the corners of the mouth up whenever we think of it—I have noticed that if I just smile randomly, especially during the course of a rough patch, I actually feel better—changing something in our lives that doesn’t serve us, does us harm or just plain doesn’t feel good.

Breaking habits and moving forward is a process and doesn’t happen just like that.  Once we bring the intention deep inside, the process begins and it is a matter of time. It is different for each of us and each situation has a different process. I think that having faith in the process and believing that the intention will manifest the result we want is key to trying every day and moving forward. It may not happen in the timeframe that we want, but it will. We have to believe and affirm it every day. 

Affirmations are great tools to bring into every day. They are positive. They can help to overcome negative thoughts. They can help to alleviate stress. And, when repeated often with full conviction, can help to bring wonderful, amazing results. Saying affirmations to yourself several times a day with a smile on your face is a sure way to bring about some happiness and peace.

Time seems to pass faster and faster, yet if we look at the hourglass, it is the same timing. Our perception of the passage of time can make our lives fuller by bringing in positive affirmations, thereby creating some happiness and peace. Being in the now, getting inspiration from nature, people and experiences fills out our time, fulfills out the passage of time here in our lifetimes. 

“The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time.” – James Taylor

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace. May you fully enjoy the passage of time.

(Note: This is a repeat column from April 2019)

By Paulette Mancuga 

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