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Dear Editor:

In response to Dr. Harold Paez’s email. It appears we have another physician who puts the “Doc” in indoctrination. The good doctor appears to have caught another communicable disease that’s put our democracy at threat. It’s Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) of course. While COVID is possibly from a bat, their disease certainly originated for overexposure to Fox. For Dr. Paez to defend Dr. Galvin’s misinformation by bringing up Hydroxychloroquine of all canards, (by using a flawed – and subsequently shut down study to boot) just shows just how serious a case he has.

Of course, those suffering from TDS used to accuse Democrats of being the carriers of the disease (projection being a prevalent symptom). However, as the index case has now been quarantined in Mar-A-Lago, it’s the Republican Party that hasn’t been able to recover. But sure, maybe the good doc could treat It with hydroxychloroquine? Or quick bleach injection? No point in trying to develop a vaccine as we know those afflicted with TDS tend to decline them anyway.

 Joseph Walls

 (Editor’s note: We appreciate the back and forth of recent weeks regarding Dr. Galvin’s columns and letters. Reasonable people can disagree and we think this particular dialogue has run its course. For now, it’s a wrap).

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