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More Pro and Con

 Dear Editor:

I would like to “second” Dr. Paez’s comments in last week’s paper. Politics and national media have corrupted the discussion of science to such a great degree that it is hard to tell whether the letters criticizing Doctor Galvin are driven by a difference of opinion or partisanship.

For much of 2020, people who did not toe the official dogma regarding COVID-19, masks and vaccines were berated with the slogan Believe Science. I even saw it on a heart-shaped sign that was nailed to a Rockaway telephone pole. CNN and other news outlets used Believe Science as a hammer against any Trump policy (even the best ones like Operation Warp Speed). Fast forward to this year, the media and some medical experts have bent over backwards to support Biden administration policies that clearly ignore scientific data. The head of the CDC even had to change her opinion about school re-openings because the current President is so beholden to teachers’ unions. This is the sad reality of today. Just as many national journalists have done away with the tenet of objectivity, medical professionals now go on television to argue like political pundits rather than search for the truth (i.e. do science).

Let’s face it: Scientists are human beings and can be tempted by fame, fortune, ego and confirmation bias like the rest of us. When reading scientific/medical opinions, one should consider the source’s bias but also be honest about your own biases. Make the effort to openly read informed opinions from “the other side,” not just your chosen echo chamber. You may not like Doctor Galvin’s Catholicism or political views, but that does not make him wrong (or right) on the science. 

Paul King



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