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What A Waste

 Dear Editor:

Last weekend I was shocked twice. You know the big container near CVS for secondhand clothes and shoes? On Saturday evening I saw a big plastic box with food near this container. There were 20-25 cans of canned vegetables, peas, beans and lentils.

On Sunday evening at the same place, I saw two big plastic bags. In one of them were five packs of rice and 20-25 cans of the same canned goods. The other bag was much (maybe twice) bigger. In it were many packs of oatmeal (at least ten), the same canned goods and juice, but much more than in the first bag.

In our newspaper I very often saw ads about food drives. Maybe this food is the result of very successful food drive? Maybe I am stupid, but I do not understand why we “rape” our soil for bigger harvest, spend natural resources and power, polluting the environment for producing all of these goods and then dump it. Now we will spend more power, more natural resources, produce more pollution in order to clean all this mess. Where is any common sense?

It’s a shame and it’s unnatural. I am absolutely sure nothing should be given for free. When people pay even a token price, they buy only what they need. But if it’s free, they take everything that’s given to them. Maybe there is some profit in this situation. Populist-politicians get a lot of voters. A lot of people have jobs and it reduces unemployment. The government and politicians do not think about the nature. I think who will die the first? People or nature? Four days have already passed from Sunday, but I am still very upset and thinking about it. (I am very sorry for my “excellent” English, but I am a Russian and do not know English very well).

Lyudmila Klavtsen

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