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What Beach?

 Dear Editor:

The City has failed us, The Rockaways, again. This weekend is the start of the beach season. It is a time when people throughout the City come there to enjoy our beaches. But by the Beach 97 and Beach 86 concession stands and areas, there is no beach at high tide. The City is now receiving between $300,000 and $453,777 each year from Rockaway Beach Bazaar LLC, the company now running the three concessions along the boardwalk.

Queens Borough President, how many people will come back to our beaches and enjoy the food, drink and entertainment at those concession stands when there is no beach at high tide? If you can’t be on the beach, why come to that beach? There are other beaches around the city and I’m sure the Brooklyn Borough President will be happy to see more people and their money come to his beaches. How long will Rockaway Beach Bazaar LLC be willing to pay for half full concession stands?

Parks Commissioner, with no beach, where are you going to put the lifeguard chairs and where are the lifeguards going to put their things? I think the Parks Department will have to close those beaches. And with beach space in short supply people will likely, as I saw this past weekend, be in the grass covered dunes. An area that is off limits to people. People in the dunes, will kill the grass that is holding the dunes in place. Parks Commissioner, do you have enough manpower and the will to keep people off the dunes? If you don’t, by the end of the summer there will be no grass and after next winter’s storms hit, there probably won’t be any protective dunes left and if it’s a bad year for storms, sections of the boardwalk could be gone as well.

Candidates for City offices, what are you willing to do for the Rockaways? The current admission hasn’t cared about us. 

We call ourselves “The Forgotten Rockaways.” In this election year, let us not be unheard.

Mark Eidinger




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