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Covid Memories

 Dear Editor:

Can you remember all the way back to March 2020, when the world was made aware of the Covid 19 virus? Immediately, our country was shut down, businesses closed, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and houses of worship. Schools were closed and students had to do remote learning. Many of us had to work from home, in fact some are still working from home as the companies that they work for no longer want to pay for office space. Most of the population was at home with nowhere to go. Many ordered their groceries online, and also ordered their meals online from the few restaurants that were open. The death toll from Covid was growing very fast, in the U.S. and other countries. Our doctors, nurses, and all first responders became our heroes. In most areas, at 7 p.m. in the evening, people would open their windows and cheer for our heroes. People could not visit their loved ones in Nursing homes, and hospitals. Traveling was out of the question. COVID masks became mandatory everywhere. Visiting your family was out of the question.

Now as we are 15 months from the beginning of this pandemic, three vaccines were created for this virus—Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Most people have been aggressive in getting vaccinated, especially if you have underlying conditions. As the death toll has lessened, and more people have been vaccinated, the government has relaxed some restrictions. The Big ones—If fully vaccinated, no masks required, also you can now get together with family if vaccinated. Prior to the vaccines, we would take short walks on the boardwalk, and someone would remark, “Is that you??” I would say: YES through my muffled mask voice. We would meet another neighbor, they would ask, “Did you get the shot? Where? First or second?” Please, I don’t want to talk with this DAMN mask on. We met another neighbor who asked, “Do you go to the church, or watch the Mass online?”  I noticed, I was going out less and less.

 I just hope with all of this social distancing, we have not lost our social skills! We look forward to this summer, being able to enjoy Rockaway, and seeing faces & smiles that we have missed. Thanks again to all of the first responders that have gotten us this far.

Bill & Kathy Dickesheid

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