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Riding the Waves

The solar eclipse last week was an extraordinary time in the universe. Light is cut off to the earth and when it returns back to us, it is an opportunity to start fresh in life. I had the chance to drive out east to Montauk during this time of uncertainly and had the most astonishing experience during the sunset at the other end. The magical colors of the landscape were exploding with an invitation to say YES in life.

We are here now with so many emotions; fear, anxiety, love, joy and gratitude. There is an overwhelming feeling of an awakening to this present moment in time. Becoming a witness to all that is happening and choosing joy over sorrow. Be in awe of our beautiful earth and all that lives on it.  So many messages are being sent our way to become one for all. 

Our world is in recovery and there are many obstacles that need to be cleared for healing. Patience, resilience and compassion is being called upon.

Riding the waves of the storm is not for the weak. You must stay on top of the wave and sometimes go deep within the tube. There, you will find awe and when you come out, you will once again be on top. There will be days you will be pulled down into the darkness but you will come back up to find the light.

I remember being a young child and the wave knocking me over, going into a spin cycle for a long time and then being spit out when I could barely breathe. It is a humbling experience and teaches that not all the waves offer a smooth ride. Some will be too big for us to ride alone. We will look for support in our community and find a beacon of light to help guide us in our journey.

Solar eclipses are new beginnings along with the new moon. Setting a clear intention of what is needed in your life and others, you have the opportunity to ride on a brand-new wave. So much energy out there and perhaps you can choose to lean into whatever you are feeling and when you are ready to sail into the sunset, you will just do it. 

Say yes more than no. Take chances and live life like today is your last day. “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Mark Twain

Doing something new and be playful can lift your spirits. Try not to be so rigid and serious. My Dad was always playful in life. He loved laughing and being with people. There were good times and bad times. He has been gone a long time now, but I always remember his beautiful, spiritual energy. He helped many people in their darkest days because he felt the power of God within and knew to give is to receive. He didn’t preach, he walked the walk and supported you when you needed some help. His name was Alexander Brown Timlin and I am forever indebted for his kindness and spirituality. 

May you have joy, gratitude and love in your life. You are beautiful and radiant. Happy Father’s Day for all who are here and who have passed.

 By Helen Kilgallen

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