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We Can Do Hard Things

I count my blessings every day even when things are not going so smoothly. Glennon Doyle wrote the book Untamed and her mantra was, “we can do hard things.” Take a deep breath and know that you got this! Writing this column is really hard for me. I am not a writer, I don’t proofread, I just put on paper whatever comes to me. June has been a difficult month for many perhaps due to the transitioning back into a normal life. What is normal? Feels great to see and be with people who I haven’t seen or hugged in over a year. Yes Kevin, I am hugging!

We are catching and releasing all our emotions and doing our best to bring our new self-back into our world. Everyone has their own timeline, and we fully respect and honor this.

On the yoga mat, we are releasing all that has been built up in our bodies and minds over the past year. Our instructions are clear, Be Here Now, Be Present. This moment is a beautiful one when you stay present. We encourage you to reflect and go slow. Sometimes we have to get out of our way to see clearly.

Opening up Ocean Bliss Yoga almost 12 years ago was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done, but I did it with the support of friends and this community that we live in. My vision was to serve and help people become healthy in body and have clarity in their mind.  I had no experience, but I had a fierce longing to share my passion and love of yoga.

That has not changed but things are much different in the yoga world. We have hybrid classes with virtual zoom while we teach to students in the studio. This is not how teachers were trained to guide classes but we have adapted to the best of our abilities. We are striving to keep our brick and mortar open for as long as we can. 

Yoga teaches us to be strong, flexible, resilient, compassionate and non-judgmental.  There is no doubt in my mind it is healing to all. Do the work with no expectations. We have done really hard things at Ocean Bliss Yoga and survived. Thank you to all the dedicated teachers, helpers and students. This sanctuary is a safe space in the Belle Harbor Yacht Club on the 3rd floor.  A special shout out to Paulette Mancuso who has worked very hard to help create a beautiful yoga studio.

There may be things in your life that you think can’t be done. Know that there is much support in our community for you to succeed. You do not have to be perfect, you just need to believe in yourself. You can do hard things. Have faith, hope, love and peace in your heart.  The world is full of helpers who are kind and willing. Our community is one of a kind. Let’s work together to stay on the path to recovery.  Have courage to go with the flow. Change is never easy. May you find happiness and be healthy. 

“You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” – Mary Oliver

 By Helen Kilgallen

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